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We operate three different investment funds.


Healthcare Partners Fund I, LLC

The fund began in 2002. It focused on making minority investments and empowering physicians in the area of health care services.

We made more than thirty minority investments. The company has been highly successful and enjoyed more than fifteen sales to strategic investors and been involved in several recapitalizations.

Our main areas of focus were surgery centers and surgical hospitals. Most of the projects were invest between 2004-2008.  We were open-minded in our structures and used convertible debt, sales leasebacks, and preferred stock to align our interests with other medical providers. The fund invested in de novo facilities, growth capital, and recapitalizations.

Healthcare Partners 2016

The fund's focus is to invest in early-stage health care service companies. We are currently have made investments in: population health management, crisis management, and home health, psych, drug, and chemical addition.


Zamwell is an investment partnership that invests in mid-market companies that are looking for growth capital. We have invested in manufacturing, specialty distribution, emergency services, and acute psych.